With 15 years of experience delivering food and drink events and promotions both in the UK and internationally, here at Sharp Media we know there’s a lot more to a food festival than ‘tents in a field’. 

Whether a one or two day annual outdoor event, or a curated week of venue-hosted bespoke dinners, tastings and trails, a professionally organised food and drink festival delivered by Sharp Media will provide a commerical and cultural focal point not only for your local culinary year but also a hook for your wider gastronimic tourism, place building and circular economy strategies.

Why food & drink events?

  • Food and drink is a shared experience that everyone of all ages and demographic backgrounds can relate to and participate in.

  • Gastronomic tourism is a leading driver of inbound visitors to regions. 

  • Visitors engaging in food tourism tend to have a higher spend, and stay longer including overnight accommodation.

  • The post-Covid recovery and regeneration of town centres is likely to be highly reliant on unique experiential activities such as food and drink.

  • Hospitality businesses and small local producers are notoriously difficult to engage; a food festival creates a focal point for collaborative involvement with a direct economic return for their businesses.

The full package

  • One day to one week events showcasing the best of your local hospitality, food and drink offering.

  • Consultation and engagement with key public, private and third sector stakeholders to define relevant objectives and deliverables..

  • Branding, marketing, design, PR, photography and social media support.

  • Creation and delivery of a practical plan that promotes the uniqueness of your local offering and generates revenue for food and drink businesses.

  • Facilitation of an active and engaged network of local hospitality businesses and regional food and drink producers.

  • Work in partnership with Town Centre Management organisations, local government and existing trade bodies.

  • Generation of relevant sponsorship channels and business investment to reduce core funding requirements.


Curate your own food and drink festival – that will engage locals, visitors and businesses – from our pick 'n' mix ‘Bite’ menu of informative, relevant and FUN events...

Starter website package

  • WIX static website with up to 4 pages

  • 12 bespoke photos

  • 1 x 30 second video

  • Optimised for mobile and tablet

  • Social media integration

  • Google search optimisation

  • €3995 / UK£3445 (prices exclude relevant sales tax)

Premium website package

  • WIX static website with up to 6 pages (including financial integration or dual language version as standard)

  • 24 bespoke photos

  • 2 x 30 second videos

  • Optimised for mobile and tablet

  • Social media integration

  • Google search optimisation

  • €7995 / UK£6895 (prices exclude relevant sales tax)


We offer a host of other creative and marketing services. Bespoke quotes available on request.

  • Branding design (includes 4 x logo concepts based on brief; taking final logo design to delivery including supply in all major formats; supply of design brand book including fonts and colour ways)

  • Brand copywriting – key-messaging text compiled and supplied in English (Dutch available on request)

  • Brand sales deck writing and design

  • Advertising and print-based graphic design

  • Cocktail/menu design

  • Bespoke product launch / promotional events

  • Bespoke photography